Short Bio

My name is Luke Tupper, I am an artist/sculptor living and working in the South-West of England. Welcome to my personal website and thank you for taking the time to visit. Please allow me to briefly tell you about myself and my work.

My obsession with technology started at a young age. As a child I grew up more interested in taking apart my toys rather than playing with them, always fascinated by the inner workings of things. This I still believe to be a driving force in my work today, as I seem to still be pulling more things apart than I put together. 

Allow me to divulge further;

About my Work.

My primary study stems from a fundamental interest in the relationship between humanity, technology and the natural world, and how throughout history it has shaped our social and physical landscape. Careful reflection on our past and present may help us understand where our future may take us, which I find fascinating.

This study began in University with research into 20th century Philosophers and theorists who were concerned with the same subject matter, grooming an interest in how humanities pervasive dissatisfaction with its limitations explains the technological paths that we have taken.

'All media are extensions of some human faculty – mental or physical' – Marshal Mcluhan.

My practice evolves from a constantly growing study of this subject area. My inspiration coming from multiple sources and the making of artworks comes in a somewhat eclectic manner as and when ideas come to fruition. Recently my train of thought has taken me into considering where the art object fits into this complicated relationship.

Some Personal Notes.

I have personally always felt more comfortable affiliating myself with the title ‘Maker’ rather than ‘Artist’ or ‘Craftsman’, and felt it a more accurate description of my way of thinking and my practice. I design, create and tinker with a huge range of technologies, skills and mediums, all of which play a role in both the creation of ideas and the aesthetic properties of artworks.

I am driven by a strong deep seated need to create things, but I govern my creations with certain artistic values and a strong focus on the development of a visual language. All of these factors coupled with artistic intuition and a personal immersion into the creative process are important factors in how and why I produce work.

My vision for the future is to proceed with my practice into the world of public art, working in an unlimited range of scales, materials and audiences.